Are you ready to be the AMAZING WOMAN You’re Destined to Be, Fulfil Your Purpose & Achieve Your WILDEST Dreams?


The online academy for women who want more out of life and want to get in alignment to create the success they desire in every area of their life.

You’re a woman with big dreams...

... you desire MORE out of life! IN your relationships, your career, your business and your personal journey as a woman. 


You’re tired of fighting and settling for less. Something in your spirit is calling you to another level but you need help getting there. You KNOW there’s a bigger purpose for you. Because you feel like something is missing... and people in your circle don’t understand....

That why I’m inviting you to read this message very carefully. Because if you’ve reached this page... you’re getting an EXCLUSIVE invitation into my private House of Her Coaching Academy... where I mentor hundreds of women every week to give them insight, knowledge, resources and training to reawaken their womanhood and create the LIFE and SUCCESS they IMAGINED.

A private coaching academy full of support for women who REFUSE to settle for less and DEMAND a better life for themselves. It’s the #1 coaching academy for a reason. You see...


Many people think I just woke up one day feeling confident, bold and courageous. This isn't true.

I was broke and broken.

Things got so bad the doctors said I was depressed. My bed was the safest place to
be, I didn't want to do ANYTHING! If I wasn't going to work or looking after my
son... I would sleep.

As time passed, I started getting sick, couldn't think straight. This wasn't like me. I
had no fire in me.

I believed God had more in store for me but I didn’t know what to do. Something
had to be done. I refused to go along that path.


That moment in life WOKE ME
UP. I had to make MAJOR MOVES.

I noticed that all successful people have coaches and powerful people around
them. So I knew I had to get myself in the game.

Laura Liles coached by

Iyanla Vanzant

My journey began by receiving personal guidance from world renown life coach Iyanla Vanzant. This helped me learn the art of forgiveness in ways unimaginable to the normal mind.

I had to forgive myself, I had to forgive my past, I had to let go... so I could move forward. I didn’t even REALIZE how much this was holding me BACK until someone took the time to change my PERSPECTIVE.

I’ve also been on the same personal development program as Tony Robbins - the deep thought provoking program helped me to grow as a woman, a mother, sister, a coach and a speaker.


These high level thinkers that have altered my way of thinking and ultimately transformed my life. From homelessness to living in my dream home, I will never be the fearful woman I once was.


I have consistently invested in coaching to keep my mind sharp. YES! Over the past 5/6 years I have invested into my personal growth and development.

I've invested 1000’s of hours and £1000’s of pounds in developing my teaching and coaching strategies - one month alone I invested 50 hours of studying and over £3000 in one of my mentors weekend seminar in the United States. Because you. Can’t do it alone! I wouldn’t be where I am without support, help, coaching and a renewed mind.

That’s why I created the HOUSE OF HER COACHING ACADEMY.

Some women wait for their life to change...

... others are ready for change now!

Change begins with getting in alignment. Learning how to operate from spirit, from authenticity, from power but with ease and flow. They don’t teach you this in
school. They give you the skills to MAKE MONEY... but they don’t give you the schools to live your dreams.

Even though I’ve been coached by the world's need someone who looks like them
to help them make the shifts and changes to get results. But there was NOBODY THERE!

They've tried everything else! They're tired of doing it alone. They're tired of being stuck in frustration, pain, heartache and disappointment. They have a strong
desire for a new life... but they need guidance and support... on a constant basis!

These women REFUSE to wait.

They REFUSE to settle.


They REFUSE to stay in the same spot. Why?


They’re ready to step into their power to shift their relationships, finances, and lifestyle to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! So I took all the knowledge I had, all my experiences, and started teaching and sharing. Eventually we grew bigger and bigger.


House of Her is NOW An online community where I provide consistent guidance... month to month, week to week, day to day. For women who need accountability,
coaching and the support of community.

My tools and techniques are unique and have been created especially for the woman who is ready to show the world her GREATNESS! You can count on me as
your coach to ensure that you are making progress in all areas of life.


But that’s the thing.

House of Her is an EXCLUSIVE online coaching academy that gives women continuous support to raise their standard of living and execute their personal mission here on earth.



Learn how to remove all the BLOCKS that are hindering your greatness.​

It's time to get your FIRE BACK! The only way to ignite your fire and aliveness is to CLEAR AWAY THE BLOCKS and LIMITS that are in your way. All classes inside HOH are designed to constantly help you do the work needed to remove any limiting beliefs that have been lingering in your life for a while. The teachings highlight where you have been limiting yourself and what to do about it.

Discover how to develop unwavering, UNSHAKABLE faith!

Deepen and sharpen your faith in yourself, God, others and life x10. HOH will help you tap into your ULTIMATE POWER SUPPLY that will reignite your flame whenever you feel burnout, lost or alone. Many women join HOH because they feel lost, confused and disconnected from God. Laura truly believes that God is the only way to gain the fuel and strength we need for the journey ahead so she teaches classes in a way that will help you deepen your connection to God like never before.

Get the guidance and direction to help you SEE RESULTS instantly!

Everyone needs guidance. We cannot walk this journey alone - we need someone like a coach to constantly keep us in check. Laura always has coaches by her side to keep her grounded and focused. HOH is designed to give you the direction and guidance you need to help you see INSTANT results in the way you speak, feel and behave. Laura provides powerful strategies, tips and tools needed to take the RIGHT action towards your goals and dreams. Never waste time or energy again.

Develop a positive vocabulary that pulls greatness towards you.

Your WORD has the power to CREATE but it also has the power to destroy. You can tell if you've been CREATING or destroying by taking a deep look at the results you've been getting in your life. HOH's unique teaching methods will teach you how to use your words to CREATE powerful opportunities and connections in your life.

Imagine having the CONFIDENCE to speak up for yourself in tough situations or the ability to ask for what you want without the fear of rejection. Power will flow out of your mouth every time you speak. You will be valued, cherished and respected everywhere you go because you will know the SECRETS of using your
word for good.


House of Her is for women who KNOW they are destined for more but may be stuck at a crossroad. Women who know there is greatness inside of them however unsure of what steps to take. Women who may have tried many things, yet get bored easily and tend to switch direction, leaving them feeling drained, lost and frustrated. HOH will help women reignite their power, gain clarity and strive towards their unlimited potential.


Are you ready to put yourself first?
You may have over compensated in other areas of life and forgotten to give to yourself. You’re there for everyone but YOU. You try to be LIKED and approved but you’ve forgotten to LIKE & APPROVE yourself first. HOH will help you gain the SELF LOVE & CONFIDENCE needed to move through life with your head held high and proud of who you are.

You're ready to manage your emotions?

Have you allowed the world - people & circumstances to dictate your emotions? Don't worry, it can end TODAY. You just need to learn the skills needed to manage your emotions. Your emotions are driving YOUR car, instead of YOU. Let's get you back in the DRIVERS seat of LIFE.

Do you feel like something's missing in your life?
Have you ever felt like you were created for more? Well, guess what, you desire MORE because God has more in store for you! You may be feeling confused
because you have so many ideas not knowing how to navigate them. It's time to get
the clarity and confidence you need to put those ideas into action.

Are you ready to reignite their FIRE & ALIVENESS?
It's easy to lose your DRIVE when you're out of alignment with your divine assignment. But you should know, that you were created with a special PURPOSE, a special GIFT. Once you discover that calling you will be unstoppable in all you do. The number one reason why many women don't move forward with POWER is because their confidence has been knocked. HOH will help you get back your
voice, POWER and confidence and prepare you for the road ahead.



~ Coach Laura Liles ~



People pay for a phone bill. They pay for gym memberships. They pay for TV and music subscriptions. There’s nothing wrong with this... but people spend MONEY on EVERYTHING except THEMSELVES.

Let me explain. Of all the people on your friends list and all the people who “know you” - how many of them are actually pouring into you? How many of them are
giving you the knowledge to advance your life? How many of them are giving you the support you need to make long lasting changes to create the life you want?
How many of them are KEEPING you ALIGNED - WEEK after WEEK!?

Probably none of them. See, you’re probably living your life on autopilot. You’re putting out energy, but not feeding your spirit the proper energy to advance. You can’t DO this by yourself. It’s not an overnight process.


The real work... takes time. It’s a journey. It’s a commitment.

The ONE thing you NEED but don’t have... is someone in your corner guiding you. Since everybody isn’t going to pay the EXPENSIVE prices for coaching, I created this membership to release powerful teachings and guide
women on a weekly basis.



"I've been apart of House of Her since August 2018. Through the teachings in House of Her I've been able to lift up my self esteem, my confidence and really gain a true sense of self. I feel transformed and I really believe I am a VALUABLE woman"Through the teachings in House of Her I've been able to lift up my confidence and really gain a true sense of self."


Member since August 2018

I joined House of Her because I wanted change in my life. I had no confidence and was negative most of the time. I was desperate and cried out to the Lord and He answered me. He brought House of Her into my life and I'm so glad He did. Becoming a member of HOH was one of the best decisions I made. 

I have learnt so much from being in HOH it has been a life changing experience and I am still learning. I have learnt how cleaning up with others, making peace is so important. My perspective on certain things has changed. I now handle things differently that bring positive outcomes. 
House of Her has allowed me to come out of my comfort zone. I have done things I never thought I could do. 


Member since Jan 2019

I have learnt so many things since joining HOH, it has been life changing. Right from the begining of joining and going through the renewal pack I had a major breakthrough. I began to learn how to use my words to create and not destroy. I also learnt some great manisfestation tools and have since been able to create so many great things. My relationships changed and the way I look at world has also changed. Affirmations was also introduced to me, which has changed my mindset greatly. 


Member since November 2019

The teaching within HOH is very practical and can be implemented within your life immediately. I am constantly learning. Being a woman of my word and accountability have been key for me in my growth. I realised the reason why I didn't sometimes get things done was because I was not accountable to anyone. I now have accountability in pretty much every area of my life.



Member since November 2019

"I joined House of Her Coaching Academy in January 2019. Since being a part of House of Her... I've been able to acquire multiple streams of income. I'm going for more opportunitiesthen ever before. I would highly recommend  joining.


Member since Jan 2019

"I truly value myself, I've got a great sense of who I am as a woman and my worth  and what I deserve... I take full responsibility for my life and it feels great! My relationships have really increased... especially the relationship with myself."



Member since November 2018

What’s Included When I Join House of Her Academy?

The House of Her community is a whole new world. Hours of content available to help you become the woman you desire to be and GET what you DESIRE from life. Plus... you’ll get EXCLUSIVE content from me directly EACH WEEK! This is up-close-and-personal content NOT shared anywhere else... only for my private house-of-her-queens. Even if you have a busy schedule, you’ll have access to OLD and CURRENT library of training — so you can access anytime, anywhere, morning noon or night.


Read below to see what members get...


    Instant access to EXCLUSIVE programs and courses. 7 DAY PRAYER DETOX - a series of 7 daily prayers designed to sharpen and strengthen you internally. 3 DAY PROSPERITY CHALLENGE - 3 videos which will help you learn the truth about cultivating a prosperous mindset and achieving SUCCESS by your design. HOH RENEWAL PROGRAM - a transformational 3
    audio series and a workbook, geared to help you identify the BLOCKS that have
    been placed on your life. The RENEWAL PROGRAM will help you clear the path
    of toxic thoughts, feelings and belief so you can charge after your goals in an

    unstoppable manner.


    HOH Gold members and above will be put into accountability groups each month.
    An accountability group is smaller group in which women truly get to support and
    encourage one another. They share their goals, report back on their progress and
    hold each other accountable—it is a powerful way of getting things done.


    Each week Laura teaches a powerful class. Previous classes have included... 'how to set boundaries,' 'how to manage emotions,' 'how to speak up for your self,' and so much more (all class recordings are available to members). After Sunday class, HOH Queens feel empowered and ready to take on the world.


    Missed a class? Don't worry you can catch up with class on demand. They will be
    available for you inside the membership portal. For mobile, laptop and table


Find a plan that's right for you.

By signing up it means you agree to our term and agreements outlined here.


  • Class replays - catch up on the past 8 missed classes (over 8 hours).


  • Transformational New classes weekly (recordings only)

  • CLASS PORTAL ACCESS PASS - 4 Day Renewal Program. 7 Day Detox Program. 3 Day Prosperity Program. 2 hour Divine Alignment Masterclass. 


Per Month


(Most Preferred)

  • Access to HOH class portal - catch up on the past 8 missed classes (over 8 hours).


  • Weekly LIVE classes from Coach Laura Liles


  • ASK QUESTIONS - opportunity to get coaching during weekly classes.

  • CLASS PORTAL ACCESS PASS - 4 Day Renewal Program. 7 Day Detox Program. 3 Day Prosperity Program. 2 hour Divine Alignment Masterclass. 

  • COMMUNITY ACCESS PASS - inside the facebook group you will get access to our wonderful community of like-minded women to keep your inspired and motivated. You will be able to take part in Monday Motivation and Testimony Thursday posts which is where you can share your journey and growth and receive additional support.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY ACCESS PASS -each month you will be put in an accountability groups with other powerful women. You will support each other and make sure you're all WINNING!


Per Month

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